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Budget-friendly Carbon Water Filters

Budget-friendly Carbon Water Filter

Fears about waterborne contaminants have driven many people to snatch up pricey bottled liquids out of the belief that it's cheaper and safer than filtering equipment. At Filter Direct youi will find plenty of filtering options that are less expensive in the long run and more efficient. An activated carbon water filter is the most common home filtering method in use in households. In addition to being easy to install, this type of system is effective at mitigating contamination risks and is relatively inexpensive. Just take a look at some of the substances that have been found lurking in drinking supplies:

  • Microorganisms
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticide, fertilizer and other chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Radium, Dioxin and other hazardous materials

Other substances such as magnesium and calcium, which cause hard-water problems can be addressed more effectively with one of our water softener systems. A combination of inexpensive carbon filtering and softening can resolve a large number of quality issues in the home.

Water Softener Systems

There are many issues associated with an imbalance of minerals in the water supply, and may require water softener systems to fix them. These mineral deposits are not, for the most part, harmful, but they can be bothersome. Crust can form on drinking glasses, spots appear on just-washed dishes and unappetizing deposits can settle in the bottom of a cold drink. A whole house water filter and a carbon water filter can only do so much. Our WS-150M Water softener for the whole house removes hardness, calcium, magnesium. This softened water is good for showers and prevents scale problems for water heaters, plumbing pipes, and fixtures. This means you can use less soap and detergent to wash your dishes and do the laundry.

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