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WH1134 Whole House Restaurant Filter System Sediment Carbon Big [WH-1134]


WH1134 Whole House Restaurant Filter System Sediment Carbon Big

Whole House Water Filtration System WH-1134, Whole House Water Treatment Sediment Carbon Filter System 10" BB Big Blue

  • Brand New, current production model, made in USA


Model: WH-1134  (big 10 inch filters)

High flow 2-stage sediment and carbon filtration system, 4.25 in. x10 in. filters, 3/4 inch inlet



  • Whole house filtration

  • Gardening

  • Restaurants

  • Food and Beverages applications

  • Fresh water aquariums, ponds

  • Pre-treatment for large RO systems



  1. Removes sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, odor, and bad taste
  2. Reduces cloudy water caused by sediment
  3. Reduces wear on expensive faucets
  4. Reduces iron stains caused by suspended iron
  5. Reduces staining in sinks, toilets and showers
  6. Reduces plugged faucet aerators
  7. Ideal for homes, farms, wells, pets, gardening, restaurants, fresh water aquariums,  spa, and pretreatment for RO systems


The system includes

2-stage water filter unit with sediment filter and carbon filter inside, filter housing wrench, and instruction sheet

*This unit does not include the connectors or fitting for the 3/4 inch inlet/outlet.  The unit has 3/4 inch FPT (female pipe thread) for the inlet/outlet.




1st stage 5 micron sediment filter

removes sediment, rust, sand, and dirt. 4.25 inch diameter x 10 inch height

2nd stage 10 micron carbon block filter

removes chlorine, bad taste, odor.  4.25 inch diameter x 10 inch height



Dimension of the unit

Width: 15 inch

Height: 13 inch

Depth: 7.5 inch


3/4 inch  FPT (female pipe thread)

Overall flow rate: approximation

8 gallons per minute, depends on pressure

Capacity:  approximation

carbon filter: approximately 20,000 to 30,000 gallons depends on water condition (change every 6-12 months depends on water condition)

Pressure drop:

3-6 psi approximately


double O-ring ensures strong and reliable seals

standard 3/4 inch FTP (female pipe thread)

replacement filters:  the system come with initial filters.  Extra filter set BBK-10 is available from our store



For residential whole house installation, the system would be installed near the water main.  It requires cutting into the water main, so hiring a plumber to do the installation is recommended.  It is recommended that the unit would be installed inside a garage to prevent sun damage and freezing.


For other applications, the system has standard 3/4 inch FPT, female pipe thread, inlet/outlet, so you can purchase fittings, pvc or copper pipes from local plumbing supply stores to fit your applications.


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