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602 UV Ultra-Violet Sterilization Light Lamp System [602]


602 UV Ultra-Violet Sterilization Light Lamp System

* 602, UV Ultra-Violet Sterilization System, Ful Stainless-Steel UV system

* This UV sterilization system is specially designed to be used with your filtration system or RO system. UV system can be installed prior RO or after RO system.

* Fully stainless-steel construction

* 99.9% destruction of bacteria, micro-organisms

* Capacity: 1 gal/min.

* UV light intensity: 6 watt 115v

* UV lamp life: 9000+ hours or 1 year

* Dimension: 2" diameter x 11.75" length (can be wall mounted)

*** Beware: Do not use UV system with PVC or plastic enclosures because UV light will break down PVC and leaves traces of plastic in water, the water may taste and smell like plastic.


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