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Permeate or Booster Pump Noise:

We understand that the Permeate pump noise can become noticeable when the system is making water. The clicking noise is normal. It is clicking because it is drawing water to the RO system with the permeate pump. Generally, the solution to low water pressure is with a pump, there is no other solution to boosting water pressure to the RO system without a pump. Pump options are the ERP permeate pump or an electrical booster pump, requiring a plug-in outlet and creates louder noises than the permeate pump. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Possibly noise when operating Booster pump may be caused by the following.
1. Excessive air in the water supply
2. Water supply adapter is clogging up, especially if you had used a self-piercing adapter in the water supply line.
3. If you put the pump after the sediment and carbon filters, and the filters are clogging up.
The chance of the pump been defective is Zero. Aquatec wet tested each pump before leaving the factory.
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