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RO System Knowledge Things You Should Know:

Important Note / Knowledge about RO systems: All reverse osmosis systems, residential or commercial, are required to have drain water when making pure water. Our RO systems have built-in auto-shut-off valve so when the storage tank is full, the system shuts off automatically. The ratio of pure water to drain water for our RO systems are 1:3 (calculated). Average RO systems are typically 1:4, so our RO systems run more efficiently. Minimum water pressuer required to operate the system is 45 PSI. Ideal pressure is 85 PSI.

"Waste" is the water that has solids bigger then the membrane filter can pass through. Reverse osmosis is basically a separation process so in order for a system to be called or considered a reserve osmosis, it will need the membrane filter (the filter that separates the waste from the pure). If you purchase the system from us, the pressure gauge is located after the third filter. Please check the pressure gauge. When the system is new, the pressure read will be the pressure of the water supply going in.
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