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531, PAE RO Storage Pressure Osmosis Water Tank Container 2G [531]


531, PAE RO Storage Pressure Osmosis Water Tank Container 2G

* 531, RO Storage Pressure Tank, 2 Gallon, for replacement of Honeywell or Filtercold small blue tank

* Specification:
White color, outside volume 2 gallons, inside bladder holds about 1.5 gallons @ 60 psi input pressure

* Dimension: 9" diameter, 14" height, 1/4"MPT inlet connection

* Material:
Outside is steel, inside is a FDA approved food grade bladder. Stainless steel connection on top. Purified water only come in contact with bladder and the stainless steel connector on top. The tank is pre-charged to 7 psi.

* Meets NSF standard 58.

* Tank valve is included.

* Recommended changing every 5 to 7 years

If you'd like to know more.....
A pressure tank is used in RO systems to accumulate water and provide pressure at dispensing faucet. It has a water bladder inside the tank that holds the purified water, and outside the bladder is the compressed air. When you dispense water, the compressed air squeezes the bladder and forces the water out with pressure. You can connect several tanks together also to provide more water.


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