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4th stage TFC 75/85 US membrane filter (every 2-3 yrs) M75 [M75]


4th stage TFC 75/85 US membrane filter (every 2-3 yrs) M75

* M75, 4th stage TFC 75/85 membrane filter

* This is a TFC type membrane with capacity of producing 75-85 gallon per day.

* TFC-75 High rejection membrane, made by US MEMBRANE 75 gal/day, it removes 95% to 98% of all chemical, dissolved solids in tap water. (replace every 2 to 3 years) MADE IN USA

* This is the best performing membrane we have ever tested. It has 1% better rejection comparing to Dow Filmtec membrane.

** This membrane also fits Kent Marine RO systems

Brand Name: US Membrane

Assembled and made in California, USA

Standard size Reverse Osmosis membrane filter.  Fits all standard size RO systems and membrane housing.


Model#  TFC-75  75GPD gallons per day capacity




This membrane fits all standard size membrane housing, standard RO systems. 

You can increase the capacity of your existing RO system by getting a higher capacity membrane filter with a matching flow restrictor, or getting a membrane module which comes with membrane filter, housing, fitting, flow restrictor, and check valve.


Membrane Material:  TFC Thin Film Composite

Production rate: 75 gallons per day max.  Actual production rate varies depending on input pressure and temperature.

Max. Operating Pressure:  130 psi

Max. Operating Temperature:  120 F  ( 49 C)

Recommended concentrate flow rate: 3x permeate

(drain to pure water ratio  3:1)

pH range: 3- 11

Chlorine Tolerance: 0 ppm

Dimension:  standard size 2” diameter x 11.75” length



Applied water supply pressure: 65 psi at 77F

Nominal Salt rejection rate: 98%

Nominal TDS rejection rate: about 95%  at 300 ppm input



Consistent quality and reliability using automated production line.

Dry type membrane for extended shelf life

Fits all standard membrane housings



How to choose the correct RO membrane filter for your RO system?

  1.  You need to have a standard size RO system with standard membrane housing (look at photo)
  2. Check the capacity of your RO system or RO membrane.  Capacity means how fast the membrane produces water.  The number means gallons per day (GPD).  You can find this from your RO system owner’s manual, and specifications.
  3. You can also find the GPD rating from the membrane filter label when you take out the membrane filter.
  4. You can also find the GPD rating from the drain flow rate or from the flow restrictor that is connected to the drain line.

Flow restrictor size (drain rate) 200 mL/min. uses TFC-24 membrane

Flow restrictor size (drain rate) 300 mL/min. uses TFC-36 membrane

Flow restrictor size (drain rate) 420 mL/min. uses TFC-50 membrane

Flow restrictor size (drain rate) 500 mL/min. uses TFC-75 membrane

Flow restrictor size (drain rate) 500 to 600 mL/min. uses TFC-100 membrane

Flow restrictor size (drain rate) 800 to 850 mL/min. uses TFC-150 membrane



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