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SET68, AQUATEC 6840 Pump Set Solenoid ESO Pressure Switch Power [SET68]


SET68, AQUATEC 6840 Pump Set Solenoid ESO Pressure Switch Power

This is Aquatec 6800 booster pump SET + bonus pressure gauge with 110V/60hz transformer, solenoid valve, and pressure switch. ( we have already wired up the electrical components)

Model: SET-68   AQUATEC CDP 6840-2J03-B224 SET, Made in USA

input/output:  1/4" quick connect

The pump is a 24VAC pump set, which includes the pump, solenoid valve, pressure switch, transformer to 110V/60hz, and bonus pressure gauge, extra tubing. (all electrical components are wired up)

Condition:  NEW  (one-year factory warranty by Aquatec)

This pump is usually used to boost water supply pressure to a Reverse Osmosis water system.  This pump is good for RO systems that are up to 100GPD capacity.

If your water supply pressure is below 40psi, you should add this pump to your RO sytem.

Using this pump set the pump can turn on/off automatically.

The solenoid valve is an electronic shut-off valve that shuts off the water when it is switched off by the pressure switch.

The pressure switch is used to shut off the pump and solenoid valve when the output pressure (or pressure tank pressure) reaches 55 psi and switch back on when the pressure falls below 40 psi.  This switch is adjustable +/-5 psi.

The bonus pressure gauge is usually connected after the booster pump to monitor the operating pressure.

Note:  We have already pre-wired the electrical connections.  We have also included flow diagram of how to connect to your existing RO system and an electrical wiring diagram.

NOTE: we also carry 220V/50hz European transformers for extra charge. 


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