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SC227, Refillable Color Changing DI Filter 20" inch Tall [SC227slim]


SC227, Refillable Color Changing DI Filter 20\" inch Tall

* SC227slim, Refillable Color Changing DI Filter, 20" inch

* White Plastic Casing / Housing

* Refillable Cartridge with Seals; simply unscrew the bottom to refill new DI resin

* Comes with color changing highest grade De-ionized (DI) resin. High capacity resin

* Special patented polypropylene top layer filter to prevent media leakage while maintaining water flow with little pressure drop

* Each tube holds about 2 lbs of resin inside

* Dimension: 19.875" x 2.75" (fits into standard 20" housing)

* This is the same tall DI filter in the RD322 system. You have the choice of just changing out the DI resin (p/n DB40 refill bag) or replace the entire tube with media inside.

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