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.RO585P 5-stage 85 gal/day Reverse osmosis system + booster pump [RO-585P]


.RO585P 5-stage 85 gal/day Reverse osmosis system + booster pump

RO-585P, 5-stage 85 gal/day Reverse Osmosis Water System with booster pump, 110V/50Hz (for drinking water)

This is a 5-stage RO system with built-in booster pump. This is for people with low water supply pressure (below 40psi), or for people who want to optimize the performance of the RO system, increase water pressure output, and increase water production and water purity.

Important Note: The booster pump in the system is not designed for continuous operation of 24 hours a day. This system is intended for supplying drinking water for residential use ONLY. If you need to use more than 25 gallons of water a day, this system is too small for you, Please contact us directly for larger capacity units.

This system is a complete system ready to be installed. It includes booster pump, transformer, solenoid valve, pressure switch, all filters, storage tank (4gal. tank), faucet, tubing, installation hardware, installation manual. All filters and membrane are standard size filters.

Booster pump assembly: the built-in assembly includes booster pump, solenoid valve, pressure switch, and transformer.

* The pump will boost the input pressure to about 60 to 85 psi. It is able to increase the production of purified water and improve the quality of water.

* It will give you more volume and more pressure when you dispense the water.

* It also helps in connecting to multiple outputs such as ice maker or refrigerator.

* It also helps when you install the system in the basement and you want to push the water upstairs into the kitchen.

System Dimension: RO unit: 15" length, 16" height, 5.5" depth ; Storage tank: 10.5" diameter, 15" height

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