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PSW-350, Pressure Switch for RO Booster Pump 1/4" TSO [PSW-350]


PSW-350, Pressure Switch for RO Booster Pump 1/4\" TSO

Part no. PSW-350, Pressure switch, NC, normally closed, adjustable pressure setting, for water pressure

This pressure switch is used in our booster pump assembly (part no. 752). It is to turn off the pump and solenoid valve when the pressure tank is full, and turn them back on when the water is depleting.

Other uses: You can use this pressure switch for other applications as well, such as automatic flow control and top off control ... etc. When you want to turn something off when water pressure reaches 45psi, and turn it back on when water pressure reaches 20 psi.


Material: plastic

Fitting: 1/4" compression fitting, easily fitted to 1/4" OD plastic tubing or copper tubing

Electrical: NC, Normally closed, 15" of electrical wires is included

Pressure setting: for water pressure, ON at 45 psi (+ 5); OFF at 20 psi (+ 5) NOTE: the pressure setting is approximately set at this pressure. You can slightly adjust the pressure setting.

Adjustable pressure setting: It is slightly adjustable. The switch's pressure setting can be adjusted by turning the hex-screw on top of the switch. the ON can be adjusted approximately 35 to 55, OFF can be adjusted approximately 15 to 30 psi


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