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KF612UP, SUBSTITUE/Upgrade to Kyton Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze [KF612UP]


KF612UP, SUBSTITUE/Upgrade to Kyton Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze

* This part number UP is a substitution part for Upgraded faucet in the standard RO system package. To prevent processing delays please do not order this part if no RO system in the same order. We will hold the order if this part is ordered without RO system in the same order!

* Please choose KF612 if faucet is ordered without RO unit at the same time.

* KF612UP, Upgrade Faucet KYTON Faucet KF612 ELITE SERIES, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

* Complement your kitchen counter with elegant KYTON designer faucets. Very high quality. Brand New.

* Compare and Save: major department stores are selling the same faucet for $100 to $140 each.

* They are compatible with all brands of water filtration systems, Reverse Osmosis water systems.


* State of the art Ceramic Disc Valve (It doesn't leak)

* Designed for drinking water (no leaking of lead)

* Long reach, 11" over the counter and 5" reach

* Connects to 1/4" O.D. tubing

* OPTIONAL PURCHASE: If you are connecting to a 3/8" OD tubing, please specify we do have 3/8" connector.

* Also available in other color choices: Pure White, Almond White, Polished Chrome, Gold Trim Chrome, or Pearl Nickle

**** To upgrade from the standard faucet that comes with our RO, the cost is $40. Upgrade means that we will substitute the standard faucet in the RO585 system or the RD106 system with this upgraded faucet. S&H is also reduced for the UP item.

***** To purchase this faucet alone, without purchasing a RO system, the cost is $45. You need to order KF612 and not KF612UP. If you paid ahead, we will bill you $5 for the price difference and $5 for the full S&H, totaling $10.


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