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KF612, Elite Series: Oil Rubbed Bronze ORB Drinking Water Faucet [KF612]


KF612, Elite Series: Oil Rubbed Bronze ORB Drinking Water Faucet

* KF612, KYTON Faucet KF612 ELITE S Drinking Water FaucetERIES, Oil Rubbed Bronze ORB

* Complement your kitchen counter with elegant KYTON designer faucets. Very high quality. Brand New.

* Compare and Save: major department stores are selling the same faucet for $100 to $140 each.

* They are compatible with all brands of water filtration systems, Reverse Osmosis water systems.

* NOTE: There are many color variations of oil rubbed bronze, please enlarge the photo to see more clearly.


* State of the art Ceramic Disc Valve

* Designed for drinking water (no leaching of lead)

* Long reach, 11" over the counter and 5" reach

* Connects to 1/4" O.D. tubing

* OPTIONAL PURCHASE: If you are connecting to a 3/8" OD tubing, please specify we do have 3/8" connector.

* This is NON AIR GAP Faucet, just like most kitchen faucet.


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