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HK120-P-TK for USA 115V / 60Hz [HK-120-P-TK]


HK120-P-TK for USA 115V / 60Hz

Includes the following

  • 4-stage Reverse Osmosis water system with sediment, carbon, carbon, 120GPD RO membrane, and built-in pressure gauge

  • Built-in booster pump assembly with pump, transformer, solenoid valve, and pressure switch 110V / 60HZ USA version

  • Install pressure adjustment needle valve on pump

  • 3.2 gallon pressure tank

  • Additional pressure gauge with Tee fitting

  • Additional pressure switch connected to the electrical wires but not plumbed into the system

  • Parts bag has 4 secstions of 5 feet tubing, filter housing wrench, drain clamp, and tank ball valve

  • Picture is a stock photo of HK120 base system only


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