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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions/Topics:
This is an expanding knowledge section. We try to document most customers' questions and provide quick answers here. Please read through and if you can not find your questions answered here, you may email for support. Thank you!

System and Product Dimension:
Booster Pump / Low Pressure:
Booster Pump Setup – Pressure Gauge and adjusting pressure:
Tubing Operating Pressure and Material:
Non Air-Gap Faucet:
Draining water ratio: 1:3:
RO System Knowledge Things You Should Know:
How to install float valve FV14 FV15:
Aquatec CDP6800 wire and tapes:
Water running continuously nonstop drain when tank is full:
Requires drain water Do not block drain:
Tips on saving water:
Pressure Gauge rattle sound:
Faucet started dripping constantly:
Fluoride Removal:
Faucet Drill Hole:
When to replace filters:
Alkaline system and how it works:
Add Alkaline filter to system:
TDS Calibration:
Third Party Warranty Claims:
Not using the drinking water feature on RD106:
Tank takes long tiem to fill, troubleshooting:
Not much or Little water out of system:
Leaking Faucet / Dripping faucet:
K5 and RO585 difference:
AR122 and RD102 are not drinking water system:
Why pump is wet when new:
Permeate pump and waste water:
PH strips is not good:
Pressure Gauge is missing:
Clear Filter Housing Warning Advice:
Unable to open Filter Housing:
K5 Faucet Swap Substitute:
Booster pump to increase pressure:
Tank installation instruction:
Permeate or Booster pump noise:
When to replace filters:
Why install booster pump before 4th stage membrane:
Pressure switch does not shut off pump sometimes:
TDS reading ppm of filtered water:
Is storage pressuer tank necessay for RO system:
O ring o-rings of Filter Casing Housing not available:
Flow meter display instruction:
Flow meter measurement accuracy:
Air Bubble in the water:
Whole House System vs RO System:
Booster pump for misting application:
Installation of Auto Shutoff Valve:
DI Filter is leaking or unable to tighten:
Cracked Elbow Fitting:
What is Flow Restrictor in RO system?
What is ESO and TSO?
New Feed Water Adapter
Instruction for Refilling the 215 Inline DI filter
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