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*Discontinued* RO585ERP [RO-585ERP]


*Discontinued* RO585ERP

Permeate pump is a mechanical pump that uses drain water pressure to boost up input pressure. No electricity is required.

WaterGeneral Reverse Osmosis water purification system, Model: RO- 585: 5 stage 85 gal/day reverse osmosis system (complete system including filters, 4 gal storage tank, chrome dispensing faucet, (white color faucet is optional item, feed water adapter, tubing, manual)

* RO-585ERP has all the features of the RO585 sytem

* Plus a built in Premeate pump.

* Capacity: 50-85 gallons per day (actual production rate depends on input water pressure, temperature and water chemistry) the system is a complete system for under-the-sink installation.

* Includes: RO unit with all filters, pressure tank, dispensing faucets, tubing, installation hardware

* Usage: for both city water and well water.

* Minimum input water pressure: 25 - 35

* System Dimension: RO unit: 15" length, 16" height, 5.5" depth ; Storage tank: 10.5" diameter, 15" height


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