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*Discontinued* RO155 [RO-155]


*Discontinued* RO155

* .RO155 Aeroponics Hydroponics 150 GPD REVERSE OSMOSIS RO WATER SYSTEM + Bonus Pressure Gauge

Reverse Osmosis System

for Aeroponics, Hydroponics, fresh water aquarium, food processing, spot-free washing, light-commercial applications

150 GPD or 6 gallons per hour  (actual production rate depends on input pressure and temperature)

  • 95-98% rejection after our high quality membrane

  • one 150GPD membrane

  • Pure water to drain ratio is 1: 2  @85 PSI, (the ratio depends on your input pressure)

  • Made in U.S.A.

High capacity and high rejection RO system is now available

For limited time, get a free Pressure Gauge included in the system, $12.95 value.

Watergeneral Reverse Osmosis Water System    Made in USA
Model:  RO-155 150 gal/day Reverse Osmosis Water System + Bonus Pressure Gauge

  (optional TDS water quality meter, UV system, pump system, also available, check our other items in Testers category)

 * Note:  150 gallons per day capacity is the maximum production rate of the system, actual production rate depends on input pressure and temperature.  For example, at 70psi and 77 degrees the system makes 130 gallons per day or about 5.4 gallons per hour.  Lower input pressure and temperature would decrease production rate.

Tap or well water ----> after RO system
water purity about 300 ppm about 12 ppm

This system is a brand new system made by Watergeneral Systems.  Recently made.

  • This system is a complete system ready to be installed.  IT INCLUDES:

    • RO unit with All filters  (ALL FILTERS ARE STANDARD SIZES) : Dimension 15"x15" x 5.5"
    • Feed water adapter valve which connects to cold water supply under the sink
    • Garden hose adapter which connects to garden hose or garden hose valve.
    • Drain saddle valve
    • on/off ball valve
    • pressure gauge, which indicates the operating pressure and it's helpful in indicating when to replace the sediment and carbon filters.
    • Automatic shut off valve:
      • when you shut off the dispensing valve or when your own float valve is closed, the automatic shut-off valve shuts off the water feed and drain, so prevent wastage of water going to drain.  And if you have your own large container and float control valve, this system would turn ON/OFF automatically to refill your container.
    • color tubings
    • Installation Manual

    This system is a RO system. It connects to the water supply, then it produces purified water.  You need to have your own container to collect the water.

    Filter Direct Co. is a distributor of Watergeneral Systems, and the preferred partner of Honeywell Inc. on water products.  We have very knowledgeable tech support & Customer service team at ( 714-953-9009  9am to 4:30pm PST, M-F, excluding all holidays) if you have questions about this listing please call us direclty.

    • We offer high capacity filters, you only need to replace the pre-filters and post filter once a year instead of every 6 months.  You can purchase these filters from our Store.
    • Easy installation:  Using the garden hose adapter, it connects right to the system.  For under-the-sink installation, if you can replace a kitchen faucet, then you can install this system.
    • We offer one year limited warranty covering parts and components.
    • We guarantee the performance of the RO systems
    • Free Tech support
    • We carry all parts and components
    • This is a complete system with all filters, tubing, feed water adapter, drain saddle valve, installation manual.  Ready for installation.

    1st stage:  high capacity, 5 micron sediment filter, to remove sediment, rust, sand, (replace every 12 months)

    2nd stage:  high capacity carbon filter, coconut shell carbon block filter removes chlorine, taste & odor (replace every 12 months)

    3rd stage:  high capacity carbon filter, coconut shell carbon block filter further removing chlorine to ensure 100% removal of chlorine (replace every 12 months)

    4th stage:  US Membrane TFC-150 high rejection membrane:  Made in USA, Specially made for high purity applications.  Through our own testing using 417ppm and 70psi input tap water, this membrane has better rejection rate than Dow chemical Filmtec 75GPD and GE membranes.

    System Dimension: RO unit: 15" length, 16" height, 5.5" depth

    No harmful chemical added:  Our filters and housings do not contain chemical that will be harmful to skin, to fish, to reef, to live rock.  It will not put any additional chemical into the purified water.

    FREE bonus Pressure Gauge:  It's helpful in monitoring:

    1. House water pressure
    2. Operating pressure of the RO system
    3. When to replace sediment & carbon filters
    4. When troubleshooting the system
    Filter Dispensing Ball Valve is included:  The output is going to your own container.  When you shut-off this valve at the output, the automatic shut off valve with turn off the system in about 1 to 2 minutes.  You don't need to shut off at the water supply.  Just shut off the output valve, system would shut off.
    Automatic-Shut-Off Valve is included; when you shut off the dispensing valve or when your own float valve closes, the automatic shut-off valve shuts off the water feed and drain, preventing wastage of water going to drain.  And if you have your own large container and float control valve, this system would turn ON/OFF automatically to refill your container.
    Feed Water Adapter: for under the sink installation, we give you the adapter with valve to put in between the cold water line. Our adapter has several advantages over the self-piercing valve.  Our adapter will not clog up like the needle point piercing valve.  also our adapter does not require putting a hole in the pipe.  also you can easily replace the valve or relocate the valve without changing your piping, unlike the other self-piercing valve, where once it punctures a hole you cannot replace the valve, then you need to replace the pipe and the valve.
    Garden Hose adapter, connects to garden hose or laundry room hose, part no. 745 (included) easy connect (included)
    filter housings:

    High quality filter housing NSF approved housing for drinking water. Material  Polypropylene

    Fits standard regular 10" filters

    heavy duty double-O ring designed for stronger seal

    No BPA

    Flow restrictor:

    We use a fixed rate flow restrictor to accurately restrict the drain line and create proper working pressure for the operation of the reverse osmosis process.  Therefore, a more efficient and favorable pure water to drain ratio is achieved at 1:2   to 1:3





    Optional items below



    Optional items below

    Optional Manual flush valve: (order separately)

    The system flushes itself when it is making water.  In most cases a manual flush valve is not required.  However, it is beneficial to manually flush the membrane if the water supply is from well or very hard water, above 600 ppm of TDS or Hardness.  Optional manual flush valve requires additional fee.


    Optional Clear housing

    the system come with white housings.  If you prefer clear housings, each clear housing costs additional $3.  All 3 clear housings costs $9 additional.

    NOTE:  The clear housings can not be exposed to sun light since it might cause bacteria and algae to grow inside the housing and turn the filters green. So you need to cover the whole RO system if it is exposed to sun light. 


    Optional Kitchen Faucet Diverter Valve, connects to the aerator of the faucet for easy installation and removable connection to water supply on the counter top, part no. 741 Easy connect (optional)
    Optional Pressure tank

    you can use large pressure tank to store purified water. 

    The large tank stores about 10 gallons of pure water. part no. TK-1070B, dimension:  15.25" diameter x 23 height 

    The small tank stores about 3 gallons. part no. 532KIT.  Dimension:  10.5" diameter x 15 height 

    Optional Float Valve for your tank or container

    stainless steel arm and connector, plastic float. It is very reliable and durable, never breaks.

    you can choose side-mount, part no. FV-14 or top-mount part no. FV-15

  • ** Important Note:

    All reverse osmosis systems, residential or commercial, are required to have drain water when making pure water.  Our RO systems have built-in auto-shut-off valve so when the storage tank is full, the system shuts off automatically.  The ratio of pure water to drain water for our RO systems are 1:2 (calculated).  Average RO systems are typically 1:4, so our RO systems run more efficiently.

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