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*Discontinued* RD106 [RD-106]


*Discontinued* RD106


Overall rejection/removal rate: 98% to 99% for the Ultra-pure, 95% for the drinking water

1st stage: 5 micron sediment filter, removes sediment, rust, dirt. (replace every 6-12 month)
2nd & 3rd stage: premium grade coconut shell carbon block filter, removes chlorine, chloramines, bad taste and odor (replace every 6-12 month)
4th stage high rejection TFC-100GPD membrane, removes 95% to 98% of chemical, minerals, dissolved solids, like arsenic, lead, silica, nitrate, copper, ammonia, sodium, fluoride, etc. (replace every 12-36 month)
5th stage: DI filter (de-ionized, de-mineralize filter), Nuclear grade. The DI filter removes remaining of dissolved solids after RO system. A ball valve is included for dispensing DI water into open containers or to open tank. GOOD for reef, aquarium, hydroponics applications. (replace as needed, or after 600 to 1000 gallons). It comes with refillable clear casing. The DI resin inside changes color from green to dark brown when the resin is exhausted.
6th stage: high capacity final stage inline carbon filter, granular activated carbon, to improve taste of water. (replace every 12 months)

Operating parameter:
*Feed water pressure: 40-80 psi, (for pressure below 40 psi, use booster pump or permeate pump)
*Feed water temperature: 40-100 F
*pH range: 3-10 *Hardness: lower than 500ppm (hard water will shorten the life of filters, but system will still perform) Using a water softening system prior to RO+DI filter will prolong the life of filters.
*Dissolved iron: less than 1 ppm
*Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): less than 1000 ppm, higher TDS will shorten the life of filters.

System Dimension: RO unit: 15" length, 16" height, 5.5" depth ; Storage tank: 10.5" diameter, 15" height

* The system come with 4 gallon pressure tank, long reach dispensing faucet, under-the-sink adapter, drain clamp, tubing, shut off valve. Optional easy-connect adapters are available for countertop installation or garden hose/ laundry room installation.

FREE bonus Pressure Gauge:  It's helpful in monitoring:

  1. House water pressure
  2. Operating pressure of the RO system
  3. When to replace sediment & carbon filters
  4. When troubleshooting the system

DI Filter:  Clear Refillable Housing

The DI resin we used is the highest grade, nuclear grade mixed-bed resin. It is used in pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, laboratory applications.  It is able to achieve the highest purity of 0 ppm (Zero mineral, Zero Silica) and near 18 meg.ohm resistivity. Now it is available to Aquarium lover and reefer at affordable prices. 

DI Filter Dispensing Ball Valve is included: 

We specially include additional ball valve for the DI filter.  The output is going to your own container or fish tank.  When you shut-off this valve at the output, the automatic shut off valve with turn off the system in about 1 to 2 minutes.  You don't need to shut off at the water supply.  Just shut off the output valve, system would shut off

RO Storage Tank:  4 gallon tank, holding 3 to 3.5 gallons of water depending on water pressure, NSF listed tank, stainless steel connector, FDA approved butyl rubber water bladder, pre-charged with compressed air. (no additional charging or adjustment is necessary) Dimension: 10.5" diameter x 15" tall
Automatic-Shut-Off Valve is included; when you shut off the dispensing valve or when your own float valve closes, the automatic shut-off valve shuts off the water feed and drain, preventing wastage of water going to drain.  And if you have your own large container and float control valve, this system would turn ON/OFF automatically to refill your container.


Feed Water Adapter: for under the sink installation, we give you the adapter with valve to put in between the cold water line. Our adapter has several advantages over the self-piercing valve.  Our adapter will not clog up like the needle point piercing valve.  also our adapter does not require putting a hole in the pipe.  also you can easily replace the valve or relocate the valve without changing your piping, unlike the other self-piercing valve, where once it punctures a hole you cannot replace the valve, then you need to replace the pipe and the valve.

Standard long reach faucet:  chrome

a 5/8" or 1/2" hole or larger hole is required on the countertop


Flow restrictor:


We use a fixed rate flow restrictor to accurately restrict the drain line and create proper working pressure for the operation of the reverse osmosis process.  Therefore, a more efficient and favorable pure water to drain ratio is achieved at 1:3


NOTE:  We have abandoned the type of flow restrictor that has a black lever on top for flushing since it is not an accurate flow restrictor.

Optional Manual flush valve:

The system flushes itself when it is making water.  In most cases a manual flush valve is not required.  However, it is beneficial to manually flush the membrane if the water supply is from well or very hard water, above 600 ppm of TDS or Hardness.  Optional manual flush valve requires additional fee.

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