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Clear Filter Housing Warning Advice:

Please be aware, clear housings should NOT see sunlight. If the housing sees sunlight, it will grow algae. Clear canisters also have a tendency to crack, the white is more stable. If you do routine maintenance on your systems, then you do not need to worry about these issues.

The plastic on the clear housing tends to be weaker then the solid white. Sometimes, high water pressure or ever-changing climates will cause the expansion and shrinkage of the canister when the weather rapidly changes. Some customers in colder climates such as the far east, will notice this problem a lot more then customer dealing with it on the west of the United States. We have sold many of these clear canisters over the past ten years, and again, this is not to say that it will happen frequently, it is just to advise you on the benefits of both solid and clear housings. The solid will last longer, however, the clear allows you to more accurately decide on the replacement of the filters by visibly seeing the contaminates on it.
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