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CDP8800, AQUATEC CDP8852-2J03-B424 Booster Pump Only Fitting [CDP8800]


CDP8800, AQUATEC CDP8852-2J03-B424 Booster Pump Only Fitting

Aquatec Pressure Booster pump CDP 8800 24VAC series (High flow)  3/8" and 1/4" fittings

  • Including:  pump only + two 3/8" to 1/4" fittings
  • Aquatec model # 8852-2J03-B424
  • Filter Direct part # CDP8800   (pump only + fittings)
  • Condition:  brand NEW 
  • Made in USA

This water booster pump is to boost the input water pressure.  It is usually used to increase the input water pressure for Reverse Osmosis systems. (boost pressure to 60 to 80 psi)

This pump is suitable for RO systems that is 100GPD to 200GPD

* This item is for CDP8800 pump only+ two 3/8" to 1/4" fittings.   it can connect to 1/4" tubing or 3/8" tubing

* Pump only (no transformer included)(It is required to use 24V AC transformer. Do not use DC or it will burn out the pump and void warranty.)

 We have other items with pump + transformer 115V/60hz US plug, or 220V/50Hz European plug  pump +transformer.  International customers that need 220V please buy on the 220V listing.   We also have another combination that has pump, transformer, solenoid valve and pressure switch, or just the pump without transformer.

Benefits of using Booster pump for Reverse osmosis systems

·        For RO systems, an increase in input pressure means an increase in water production and water purity

·        RO systems will run more efficient, and have less drain water. Since it uses pressure switch and solenoid valve to turn on/off the water input, it can turn-on and turn-off more accurately than the mechanical auto-shut-off valve.

·        If you use large water container or open water tank, you can use float switch or level switch to control the operation of the pump as well.


Booster Pump:
Boost pressure If input water pressure is about 30 to 50 psi, the pump will boost pressure to about 60to 80 psi for RO systems
Water open flow 2.6 liter per minute or 0.69 gallons per minute
Electrical: 24VAC,  0.70Amp to 1.65amp
Connection Inlet and outlet,  3/8" quick connect fitting, also includes two reducer 3/8 to 1/4" fittings
Motor Permanent Magnet,  24VAC, enclosed
PUMP Diaphragm pump, 3 chamber, self-priming 7 feet prime.  It is able to run dry

Material:  Housing







Stainless Steel
Dimension Diameter = 3.5", Length = 7.5"
Weight 7.5 lbs.

Transformer (not included)

Input 110-120VAC 60hz,  Output: 24VAC 2Amp, Class 2, UL listed


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