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ABU, Bulkhead Union Connector [ABU]


ABU, Bulkhead Union Connector

* ABU, Bulkhead Union Connector

* Please choose size from the selection box below. First number is tubing OD Outside Diameter and second number is NPT National Pipe Thread. (Pipe sizes can be confusing even for the experienced user. Pipe size is not the actual outside or inside diameter of the pipe but is the industry accepted designation. If you have any question please email us first.)
* 1/4" Tube OD x 1/4" NPTF Thread ABU0404
* 1/4" Tube OD x 3/8" NPTF Thread ABU0406
* 3/8" Tube OD x 1/4" NPTF Thread ABU0604
* 3/8" Tube OD x 3/8" NPTF Thread ABU0606
* 1/2" Tube OD x 1/2" NPTF Thread ABU0707

* Water & foods use: Products are manufactured from safe, non-toxic materials meeting the requirements of the US FDA, ERAS, ANSI/NSF-51,61, and SK Zert. Our products are widely used in water purification, food/beverage, and pneumatic systems.

* Function & Quality: Provides quick and convenient assembly-saving time & expense.

* Collet Design: Our unique oval collet design is superior and more practical, and is an improvement welcomed by our world wide customers in all industries.

* Additional Applications: Beyond water and food use, fittings can be used with air, gases, vacuum, & liquids. All connections can be assembled & disassembled repeatedly. A broad range of sizes covers a broad scope of applications.

* We carry different fittings in variation of sizes: 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" adapters, connectors, fittings, or valves.  Most are not listed online, to avoid confusion to majority of RO system customers.  

* Send us a message with specification, intended application, and image of your setup or old fitting  to check if we have what you need. 

Available Options:

Size Combination:

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