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752, Booster Pump Set Transformer Solenoid Valve Pressure Switch [752]


752, Booster Pump Set Transformer Solenoid Valve Pressure Switch

* 752, Booster Pump Assembly for RO Water Systems (18 GPD to 100 GPD RO systems) (for larger systems use p/n 773 pump assembly)

* Booster pump assembly includes: booster pump, 24 VDC to 115 VAC 1.2 Amp transformer, solenoid valve, pressure switch, and electric wire.

* This pump assembly is to be used when source water to RO system has water pressure lower than 40 psi.

* The pump will boost and maintain feed water pressure to around 70-80 psi so that maximum efficiency of the RO system can be achieved.

* The pump is quiet, self-prime, can run dry without damage, and it is especially designed for RO systems.

* After installing Pump assembly, the RO system will be controlled electronically by the solenoid valve and pressure switch, so when tank is full or reaches 40 psi, the pump will shut-off and the solenoid valve would turn off the water supply. This is a better system than RO without pump since the pressure switch is much more accurate than the auto-shut-off valve in standard RO.


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