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Booster pump for misting application:

The booster pump would boost water supply pressure if you put a RO system after it or if you put misting nozzle after the pump. The pump will not increase pressure if the output is OPEN, meaning not connected to anything.

The pump would increase the input pressure if the output flow is less than the specified flow rate of “open flow” For example, if a pump is rated as 2.5 L/min. at open flow, then when you install a misting nozzle after the pump and the nozzle flow rate is less than 2.5 liters per minute, then the pressure will increase. You can use a pressure gauge to measure the output pressure. For misting application, you can connect one nozzle first, then measure the pressure, then connect 2, 3, 4 nozzles and measure the pressure. The boost pressure would drop when you have multiple nozzles. How many nozzles can you installed per pump? This depends on the input pressure and the combine flow rate of the nozzles. You can find the answer by experimenting it. For misting application, you should place the pump below the water level, preferably on the floor.
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