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773, Booster Pump Assembly Large 150-200GPD RO systems SET [773SET]


773, Booster Pump Assembly Large 150-200GPD RO systems SET

* 773-SET-BK, Booster Pump Assembly Large 150-200GPD RO systems (pre-wired)

This water booster pump is designed to be used for 150GPD to 200GPD Reverse Osmosis water systems.  It is pre-wired and pre-installed on a steel bracket so that the installation would be easy and neat. It also includes a pressure adjusting valve which you can adjust the boost pressure.

The Pump assembly includes:

  • Pump: to boost input water pressure from 40psi to 80+ psi  (actual boost pressure depends on your RO system design)
  • Transformer: plug in to regular 110V electrical outlet.
  • Pressure Switch: to make the pump and RO system function automatically.  It turns on/off the pump and solenoid valve when RO pure water output is closed or when the pressure tank is full (pressure setting 40-55psi adjustable). 
  • Solenoid Valve: to turn off water supply when pressure switch turn it off, and turn on water when it is making water.
  • Pressure Gauge: to indicate pump output pressure
  • Pressure Adjusting Valve: to make adjustment on the boost pressure of the pump.
  • Steel Bracket: powder coated white, it can be wall mounted

The pump assembly will automatically control standard residential reverse osmosis systems.  The pump turns-on to produce water into the pressure tank, and then turns off when the pressure tank is full or when storage tank pressure reaches 40 psi.

Benefits of using Booster pump for Reverse osmosis systems

·        For RO systems, an increased in input pressure means an increase in water production and water purity

·        RO systems will run more efficient, and have less drain water. Since it uses pressure switch and solenoid valve to turn on/off the water input, it can turn-on and turn-off more accurately than the mechanical auto-shut-off valve.

·        If you use large water container or open water tank, you can use float or level switches or float valves to control the operation of the pump as well.

·        The transformer included in the package is plugged into regular 110V/60HZ electrical outlet

More on how to adjust the boost pressure:

You can use the pressure adjusting valve to fine tune the desired operating pressure.  For example, you have a 150GPD RO system and the water supply is 40 psi and drain rate is 850 mL/min.  After the pump, the boost pressure could be 80 psi.  So if you want to decrease the operating pressure to 70 psi, then you can turn the pressure adjusting valve slightly open (turn counter clockwise)  If you want to further decrease the pressure, then you can turn the adjusting valve counter-clockwise.  So you can adjust the pressure between 40 to 80 psi.

The boost pressure could be 90, 100+ psi depends on the flow rate of the pure water and drain water.

The boost pressure could be only to 60 psi when it's approaching the pump's upper limit.  Such as 200GPD RO system or if the drain rate is over 1000 mL/min.

NOTE:  If you want to increase the boost pressure higher than the max. pressure, you can make changes to the drain rate.  But contact us for advise first.

NOTE:  This pump assembly is not a continuous duty.  If you need to run the pump more than 4 hours, you can use a timer to turn on one hour and turn off for 1/2 hour to cool down the pump and solenoid valve, or you can put a fan to blow air into the pump assembly to cool down the pump.


Booster Pump:
Boost pressure If input water pressure is about 30 to 40 psi, the pump will boost pressure to about 70 to 80 psi for RO systems
Water open flow 2.3 liter per minute
Electrical: 24VDC or 36VDC
Connection Inlet and outlet,  3/8" FPT,  or two 3/8"MPT to 1/4 compression fitting are included (connects to 1/4" tubing)
Motor Permanent Magnet,  24VDC, enclosed
PUMP Diaphragm pump, 3 chamber, self-priming.  It is able to run dry

Material:  Housing







Stainless Steel
Dimension diameter = 3.5" , length = 7.5"


Solenoid valve
Type Normally Close (NC)   orifice opens when electrically energized
Electrical: 24VDC, Leads = 20 AWG
Water pressure 0 to 120 psi
Connection: two ¼”x ¼” fitting included:  connect to ¼” tubing
Mounting It has two screw holes for mounting

Material:  valve

Plastic valve body, water contacts only plastic and nylon parts


brass outside body, stainless steel internal parts


Pressure switch
Type: Normally closed (NC)  will cut off circuit when water pressure reaches 40 psi  (adjustable + - 10 psi)
Pressure Cut off pressure at 40 psi,  maximum inlet pressure 120 psi
Connection ¼” compression ,  connect to ¼” tubing
Material Polypropylene

Electrical: leads

20 AWG, 14” long


10A, 250Volts



Input 110V/60Hz
Output 24VDC  2A
Leads 18 AWG, 4 feet

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