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B2010, 20" Big Blue Filter Housing Cartridge WH20 WH25 WH250 [FBB2010]


B2010, 20\" Big Blue Filter Housing Cartridge WH20 WH25 WH250

* FBB2010, 20” Long BIG BLUE filter cartridge casing housing assembly for WH-20, WH-25, WH-250


* Single O ring design

* High quality filter housing NSF approved housing for drinking water

* No BPA

* Top and Bottom included.

* 1" NPT in/outlet

* Fittings, bracket, wrench not included.

* Fits 4.5 x 20” filter.

* Temperature rang: 40-100 degree Fahrenheit.

* Pressure range: 30-90 PSI

* If pressure will at any time exceed maximum rating of 90 PSI, a PRESSURE REGULATOR MUST BE INSTALLED before the filter housing.

* Filter Housings should be replaced every 5 years as part of maintenance routine to prevent leakage or crack due to material wear.


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