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755, Aquatec Demand Delivery Pump 5851-7E12-J574 Increase Output [DDP5800]


755, Aquatec Demand Delivery Pump 5851-7E12-J574 Increase Output

AQUATEC Delivery / Demand pump

Internal Part no. DDP5800 or 755 or 5851-7E12-J574

Perfect for Residential Use

Ideally it is better to use Delivery pump in conjunction with a Pulsation Dampener Accumulator. Please refer to detailed product description on p/n ACT-820-JG

Condition: brand new in the box

This pump has a built-in pressure switch, so it turns on/off on demand.

This pump can be used in several ways:

  1. For increasing water pressure to ice maker/refrigerator, the pump is connected after the RO system.
  2. For multiple outputs or long travel of tubing, the pump is connected after the RO before the tee fitting.
  3. For water transfer from large open tank without head pressure, the pump is able to siphon water out of the container and transfer water with pressure and volume.
  4. For sprayer
  5. RV

The package includes:

  • AQUATEC DDP5800 pump  (110VAC, 0.7 GPM gallon per minute, 60 psi shut off)
  • Power cord is included, plug into regular electrical outlet
  • Pump has 3/8" inlet and outlet quick connect fitting; 2 extra elbow reducer fittings for connecting to 1/4" tubing are included 


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