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SV-24DC-14, Solenoid Valve 1/4" 24V DC ESO [SV-24DC-14]


SV-24DC-14, Solenoid Valve 1/4\" 24V DC ESO


High quality Solenoid  Valve


Application:  to control the flow of water electronically


Operation:  when energized ( put electricity), the valve opens and allow water to pass through.  When the electricity is turn off, the valve turns off.


Manufacturer:  SW


Model: SV-24DC-14



* We also have 24VAC or 110VAC solenoid valve


Electrical wire: 22 AWG


Orifice : 2.5 mm


Operating Pressure:  100 psi max.


Valve body:  plastic


Inlet/outlet:  1/4


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