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PSW-2100 Aquatec Pressure Switch 100 psi shut off 1/4 tubing TSO [PSW-2100]


PSW-2100 Aquatec Pressure Switch 100 psi shut off 1/4 tubing TSO

Aquatec Pressure Switch + Quick Connect Electrical Wire Plugs (made in USA)

Brand: Aquatec  (Genuine Aquatec components)

Model: PSW-2100       (100 psi cut off, 1/4" inlet/outlet)

This pressure switch is used to control the on/off of the Aquatec Booster Pump 6800 series and 8800 series.  Typical application is installed on a RO reverse osmosis water system.  Instruction is included within package.

This pressure switch comes with quick connect wire plugs that connect quickly to Aquatec booster pump and Aquatec transformer.

This switch has 1/4" inlet and outlet quick connect fitting.  All you need to do is to push in a 1/4" OD tubing into the inlet and outlet all the way in, the fitting will seal itself.  To remove the tubing, you just need to push the plastic ring firmly agaist the fitting then you can pull out the tubing.

Pressure Setting:  It is pre-set at 100 psi cut-off pressure, but is also adjustable.  The adjustable range is 90 to 150 psi

Operation:  When the pressure switch is connected to a Aquatec pump and Aquatec transformer, it will turn on the pump when pressure switch is sensing below 100 psi, then it will turn off the pump when the pressure is sensing 100 psi or above.

We also carry many other variation of the Aquatec Pressure Switches.

Aquatec #             Preset Cut-off           Adjustable Range         Inlet/Outlet

PSW-240                 40 psi                           30  to 60 psi         1/4"                 

PSW-340                 40 psi                           30  to 60 psi          3/8"

PSW-260                  60 psi                          50 to 90 psi           1/4"

PSW-360                  60 psi                          50 to 90 psi           3/8"

PSW-280                   80 psi                         70 to 110 psi         1/4"

PSW-380                   80 psi                         70 to 110 psi          3/8"

PSW-2100                100 psi                        90 to 150 psi          1/4"

PSW-3100                100 psi                         90 to 150 psi          3/8"

Technical Specification:

Wetted Materials:    Nylon, Santoprene, Nitrile

Switch Rating:   up to  250VAC, up to 15 amps, UL recognized

NSF/FDA approved material

Single Pole, Double Throw

Normally closed



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