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WS-150M, Whole House Water Softener [WS-150M]


WS-150M, Whole House Water Softener

Common Water Problems:

  • Scale forming, white stain around tubs and sink
  • Pipes clogging
  • Water stains, white color, calcium and magnesium scales
  • Light rust, iron problem, reddish color around sink and tub

  • Water softening resin tank
  • Salt tank
  • Meter control valve: auto regeneration
  • Bypass valve 3/4" or 1" inlet/outlet
  • Stainless steel outer jacket is optional
  • Capacity: 45,000 grains per regeneration or 1.5 cuft of resin by volume
  • Dimension: 10 inch diameter x 54 inch height

* NOTE: This item is only available in all of Orange County and selected cities in LA Country California. Installation charge is about $400 to $600 depending on job scale.


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