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1044-K Male Connector 1/4 OD x 1/4 NPT Compression Fitting [1044-K]


1044-K Male Connector 1/4 OD x 1/4 NPT Compression Fitting

* 1044-K Male Connector 1/4 Tubing OD x 1/4 Pipe Thread NPT

* Compression Fitting


* Water & foods use: Products are manufactured from safe, non-toxic materials meeting the requirements of the US FDA, ERAS, ANSI/NSF-51,61, and SK Zert. Our products are widely used in water purification, food/beverage, and pneumatic systems.

* Function & Quality: Provides quick and convenient assembly-saving time & expense.

* Collet Design: Our unique oval collet design is superior and more practical, and is an improvement welcomed by our world wide customers in all industries.

* Additional Applications: Beyond water and food use, fittings can be used with air, gases, vacuum, & liquids. All connections can be assembled & disassembled repeatedly. A broad range of sizes covers a broad scope of applications.

* We carry different fittings in variation of sizes: 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" adapters, connectors, fittings, or valves.  Most are not listed online, to avoid confusion to majority of RO system customers.  

* Send us a message with specification, intended application, and image of your setup or old fitting  to check if we have what you need. 


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